Meat Habitats :: Angela Hume


a hook      shock 

in the cortisol 

night      sign 

over a door 

in riotous green 

neon blinks 

freedom      inside      

blood      acts      sounds      


into acquiescence 

woke up to the stun

of a body intact 

you thought your body was your own

but a body is not a boundary

a door is not a dam


Some language in Angela Hume’s Meat Habitats is adapted from reports on allegations against Harvey Weinstein and Brett Kavanaugh; a report on health effects of dramatic societal events; reports on dairy and global whey protein markets; language describing a project of the Terreform architecture group for smart city design, ecological planning, and art; and other sources. 


Angela Hume is the author of the poetry chapbooks Melos, The Middle, and Second Story of Your Body. Her full-length book of poetry is Middle Time. She lives and works in Minnesota.