Announcing our forthcoming 2018 & 2019 chapbooks

We are OVER THE MOON to announce the books we'll be publishing in the next two years.

Our 2018 series (in order of publication):

Stephanie Young -- It's No Good Everything's Bad
Brian Teare -- Headlands Quadrats
S. Brook Corfman -- Meteorites* 
Chloë Bass -- #sky #nofilter*

Our 2019 series (in order of publication):

DJ Ashtrae (Joshua Escobar) -- XX0X FM
Angela Hume -- a body is not a boundary
Christy Davids -- [wanton]
Greg Nissan -- Obstructed Views*

* = debut chapbook! 


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Fall 2017 reading period and upcoming events

DoubleCross Press is pleased to announce that we will be reading poetry chapbook manuscripts for all of October, 2017. Manuscripts should be anywhere between 8-26 pages in length. There are no restrictions on style or content though it may be useful for you to be familiar with work we have published in the past. We do not charge a fee for submissions but ask that you buy a chapbook from us or from another small press that you admire as a way of supporting the work small press publishers do. Please pass this message on to anyone who you think might be interested. 

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