Announcing the Prose–ish series chapbooks to be released in 2016

We at DoubleCross Press are so thrilled to announce our selections for our new series, "Prose-ish", which will publish work that lies on the border between prose and poetry. We read an enormous amount of excellent work and want to thank everyone who shared such interesting manuscripts with us. 

We are so excited to bring you these chapbooks in 2016:
Jennifer Firestone :: Swimming Pool
Matt Longabucco :: The Sober Day
Ashleigh Lambert :: The Debt or The Crisis
Katie Fuller :: Valve
Ada Smailbegovic :: The Forces of Cut Ribbon
Zhou Sivan :: Sea Hypocrisy

(Sea Hypocrisy will be co-published with our sister press, Projective Industries--our 4th collaboration to date!)

Stay tuned for further announcements about how you can pre-order the entire Prose-ish series.