The Ice Poems :: Paige Taggart

come embody my new way to have seen // only once through the glass
we put blood inside our veins // we began
moving objects look more familiar than stillness // stillness rests too incidentally
have trouble changing internal medicine // knitted disruption // peaking hour


The Ice Poems by Paige Taggart, with letterpress covers designed by Jeff Peterson.


Paige Taggart is a Northern Californian and currently resides in Brooklyn. Want For Lion is her first full-length collection. Her second book Or Replica will be published by Brooklyn Arts Press. She is the author of 5 chapbooks: Last Difficult Gardens (Horse Less Press),  DIGITAL MACRAMÉ (Poor Claudia) Polaroid Parade (Greying Ghost) and The Ice Poems (DoubleCross Press), and forthcoming I am Writing To You From Another Country; Translations of Henri Michaux (Greying Ghost Press). She earned her MFA from the New School and was a 2009 NYFA fellow. She works as a full-time jewelry production manager & additionally makes her own jewelry. (