O Town Heights :: Dolly Lemke

This is our house--This is our pillar

the only cottage in the depot
naturally the light is downstairs

This is ours


O Town Heights mashes-up text from Our TownWuthering Heights, and The Fountainhead. Poem by Dolly Lemke with letterpress covers designed by Jeff Peterson.


Dolly Lemke was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI.  She now lives inChicago where she received a MFA in Poetry from Columbia College Chicago. She is founder and co-curator of The Dollhouse Reading Series (thedollhousereads.tumblr.com). Her poems are published in wicked alice, Columbia Poetry Review, Horse Less Review #8, Umbrella Factory, Super Arrow, Salt Hill, Court Green. Her chapbook O Town Heights was published by DoubleCross Press in 2012. She loves micro-brews, thrifting, and watching movies.